Surprise your kid with pokemon account

Now that your kid would have achieved certain age that he is feeling bored of playing with the blocks and the toys cars then it is time for you to rethink on the gifts that you should give away to him on some special occasions. While for the birthday you could plan something like the costly shoes or the gadgets like the sunglasses and the like that would all make him happy, you could plan to buy pokemon go account when you have to realize his efforts in preparing for the exam and getting top rank in the school or college.
Buying this account does not mean that you are spoiling them rather it would show the concern you have in he wasting his time to cross all the levels that seem to be quite boring. It is possible that he is eager to reach that level where his favorite part of the game could be played. But, eventually when he knows that he should do lot more he would get diverted from the studies and would try to make time for this game than to make time for his studies. Hence, it is good that you buy the account and gift it to him when he has scored the best so that he would not waste even a little time when he starts preparing for the next coming exams.
Having said this, you may be wondering where exactly you could such accounts without you having to pay more for it. There are online stores that would give you the option of buying them on credit cards so that you could manage paying in installments if the current month budget does not let you accommodate buying this account for this month. Hope you now know how to surprise your kid.