Ways to get best from Google’s streaming dongle

Google Chromecast is a fantastic streaming gadget with loads of concealed functions, and our complete Chromecast techniques and suggestions guide will assist you to get the most from your Google’s gizmo.

Since the Google Cast app was relabelled as the Google Home app, it’s had some good new functions included. One especially beneficial addition is Chromecast alerts. This suggests that any Android gadget with Google Home set up will be informed of casting, and provided complete controls.

For circumstances, if you play music from your mobile in one room, you can pause it later on utilizing your mobile in another room.

Get in early with the Sneak peek Program.

You can sign up to the free Chromecast Sneak peek Program if you desire to attempt the newest updates for the Chromecast prior to they get a public launch.


While you’ll get all the current test software updates ahead of time, you’ll really just be a couple of days or weeks in front of everybody else. The real benefit here is that these updates aren’t beta, however the last software variation. That need to suggest that each upgrade you get will be as bug-free as a main rollout, so you’re not running the risk of bricking your gadget.

You can sign-up by means of the iOS or Android Google Cast app in Gadget Settings if you desire to get included with Google’s Sneak peek Program.

Switch on your TV with your phone, tablet or laptop.

With the chromecast extension or suitable mobile apps (like YouTube and Netflix) you can turn your TV on from another location.

When you’ve found a video or websites you wish to display on your TV screen, supplied you’re linked to the same WiFi network, by tapping the Chromecast icon you can turn your TV on.