What are the general types of router for your home or office?

Having a router in your home and office means that there are people who frequently access the internet. Usually at home, there are lots of people who use it for leisure so a simple type of router would suffice. But in office, it usually requires a more powerful type of router because they use it for more intensive purposes. And usually an office is larger than a house. In this aspect, you can see the difference on the size of area. Therefore, a larger router would be used in an office. But there are more of general types of routers. First is a high speed router. This kind of router offers a wide range in terms of connectivity and also a high speed internet connection – given that you actually have a high speed internet service provider. The only role of the router is to deliver the right sped even if it is distributed to different devices. It may also come with antennas so that there will be a wider range and fast connection. Aside from that, it is expensive but is one of the best wifi router out there.

Another general type of router is the low budget wireless router. This kind of router caters to users who do not seek a very fast internet connection. Also, the range of the area you want the router to cover must be of average size. But even though it is cheaper, if you find the right brand then the connections would be stable.